Crossject secures US6m to bring needle-free injection system to market

14 July 2013

Crossject has raised US$6.0 million to finance bioequivalence studies of its three flagship products developed from the Zeneo needle-free injection platform. The company aims to reach market approval 2015.

Crossject has developed the Zeneo platform for needle-free, pre-filled, single use device for intradermal, subcutaneous and intramuscular injections. The injection is allowed by a leading-edge technology controlling the gas pressure, which generates high speed jet of liquid. The Zeneo platform consists of three flagship products and relies on 26 families of patents.

The Zeneo platform allows CrossJect to offer an alternative solution to the syringe phobia, affecting 10% of the world population. With Zeneo, treatment requiring regular injections could be better followed by the patients. The administration speed (1/10 second) and the ease of use allows better medical safety by ensuring that the correct dose is injected without the intervention of a health professional dose. This ease of use will also reduce the costs of public health.

Early this year, Crossject signed a partnership agreement with a major European pharmaceutical company, providing for the development and marketing of a first drug horizon early 2015. The agreement is valued around € 350 million.

Patrick Alexandre, CEO and founder of CrossJect declared: “Self injections solutions represent a new paradigm for therapeutic drugs by improving therapeutic results of well known molecules and supporting pharmaco-economics efficiency. Supergenerics or new therapeutic entities are offering a very attractive risk/reward ratio in a life cycle management strategy. Supergenerics will be a transformational driver for the pre-filled syringe which already one of the most dynamic market of the pharmaceutical industry. Self administration is the future of generic and biosimilar products where the fixed doses market is estimated around $150 bn.”

Investors included: A Plus Finance, Sofimac Partners, Gemmes Venture, and high net worth individuals.


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