Philips partners with Marshall Land Systems to deploy mobile CT scanner units to armed forces

25 April 2013

Philips and Marshall Land Systems, have developed a rapidly deployable, containerised CT scanner, which enables whole-body CT scanning in battlefield conditions.

The containerised CT scanner uses the Philips Brilliance CT 64 scanner integrated into an expandable shelter that ensures maximum safety for patients, operators and bystanders. Already in service, the containerised CT scanner is designed for use in demanding environments with arduous field and climatic conditions.

The containerised CT scanner can be transported by sea, rail, or on the back of a truck, and when it arrives, can be setup by two people ready to carry out its first scan within two hours. During transportation the robust Philips CT scanner is protected from shocks and vibrations using a patented system developed by Marshall’s engineers.

The CT scanner container unit

Marshall Land Systems was awarded the Queen’s Award for Enterprise 2013 in April of this year for the innovation category. The Innovation Award included the company’s achievement in designing deployable CT scanners, working closely with its partner, Philips Healthcare UK.

The CT scanner is built on Philips’ Essence technology, a unique combination of X-ray tube, detector and reconstruction design elements that improve image quality in every CT examination.


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