TLT wins Political and Public Life Innovation Award

12 February 2013

Dr Sandeep Shah and Nita Shah, the founders and Directors of Tarilian Laser Technologies (TLT), were presented with the prestigious 2013 Innovation Award at the Asian Voice Political and Public Life Awards Ceremony held at The Houses of Parliament on 7 February.

The award was presented by the Rt Hon Ed Davey, Secretary of State for Energy and Baroness Boothroyd, Former Speaker of the House of Commons, in recognition of TLT’s technological innovation and outstanding achievements.

TLT has invented a completely novel method of measuring blood pressure based on a small optical sensor that outperforms the current “gold standard” for measuring blood pressure and effectively makes the older technology obsolete.  The sensor system allows direct measurement of blood pressure without a cuff within seconds and also generates a continuous beat-to-beat blood pressure measurement and other 'haemodynamic' data.  

The technology will give clinicians a much improved toolset for monitoring, diagnosing and treating patients suffering from a wide range of diseases and makes it possible to put blood pressure sensing technology into a completely new range of devices such as mobile phones and clothing.

Last year TLT announced the development of a ground-breaking early research prototype for a foetal heart monitoring sensor and a breakthrough in the detection of white coat hypertension using the company’s Sapphire sensor.  The potential of the technology was also recognised by leading medical institutions, with the formation of a clinical research consortium with the William Harvey Research Institute, Oxford University, Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry, Queen Mary University of London and Imperial College, London.

From the left: Dr Sandeep Shah, Tara Shah, Nita Shah,
Baroness Boothroyd, Mr Abhay Chopada.

Commenting on the Award, Dr Sandeep Shah, CEO of The Tarilian Group stated: “This is indeed a great honour for TLT and reflects the powerful potential of our technology and the hard work and superior skills of our very strong international management team led by Nita Shah. This award represents a recognition of our achievements so far and we are continuing to develop our ground-breaking technology and conduct further medical research on its widespread medical applications.”


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