GE introduces silent MRI technology

13 December 2012

GE Healthcare introduced the Silent Scan at RSNA last month (approval pending in US), a revolutionary technology to reduce excessive acoustic noise generated during an MR scan.

Conventional MR scanners can generate in excess of 110 dBA (decibels) of noise, roughly equivalent to rock concerts, and requires ear protection. GE’s exclusive Silent Scan technology is designed to reduce MR scanner noise to near background sound levels and thus can improve a patient’s MR exam experience.

“Silent Scan is a huge breakthrough for the MR industry and for patients around the world,” says Richard Hausmann, president and CEO, GE Healthcare MR. “Excessive acoustic noise is a major cause of patient discomfort during MR scans and GE is addressing that with Silent Scan, a new MR advanced application and a major innovation in the healthcare industry. GE is very serious about Humanizing MR and making its MR systems patient-friendly, safe, and without compromise.”

Historically, acoustic noise mitigation techniques have focused on insulating components and muffling sound as opposed to treating the noise at the source. With Silent Scan, acoustic noise is essentially eliminated by employing a new advanced 3D acquisition and reconstruction technique called Silenz, in combination with GE Healthcare’s proprietary design of the high-fidelity MR gradient and RF system electronics. Silent Scan is designed to eliminate the noise at its source; with Silent Scan, patients will experience a more relaxing scanning environment.


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