Blood pressure app for finding best treatments for hypertension

24 October 2012

DataDancer Medical Systems (DDMS) and iMobLife, a healthcare partnership, have launched bpSalsa, an iPhone blood pressure app, which it says is "FDA listed" and directly compares the performance of different blood pressure (bp) treatments to help improve the efficiency and cost of treating hypertension.

Using a personal bp monitor and bpSalsa, the company says that patients can directly track their blood pressure performance within and across multiple treatments. Finding a patient's optimum blood pressure treatment is as simple as viewing a graph comparing the performance of all attempted treatments. Treatments can be life style changes (diet, exercise, etc.), prescribed medications or combinations of both treatment types.

Many patients visit their doctor to assess the performance of trial treatments from only a few MD office results. By contrast, bpSalsa tracks and compares treatment-to-treatment blood pressure performance with increased data, simple statistics, informative reports and easy to understand graphics.

"The effective treatment of hypertension is best achieved by using what we call Treatment Tx Performance Technology or simply showing the patient and physician what treatments work best" said Michael L. Kohut, president of DDMS. "Most blood pressure applications totally ignore treatment performance and only display blood pressure by date and time, making it almost impossible to sort and compare treatment performance information from the data. bpSalsa resolves this problem with innovative design and easy to understand graphics. Additionally, by providing direct treatment performance feedback, patients become treatment compliant and more engaged in improving their cardiovascular health."

Once a patient finds the optimum treatment to lower their blood pressure, the app continues to monitor performance by pooling measurement results into individual treatment increments, thus allowing single treatment performance monitoring over extended periods of time.


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