Siemens launches new generation of hearing technology

25 June 2012

Siemens Hearing Instruments launched its latest generation of BestSound technology, XCEL, at the BSHAA annual congress last month. The new technology offers improved speech comprehension, balanced sound, a new fitting strategy and a fine-tuning tool to tailor sound quality to individual requirements.

The technology comprises three main features:

  •  XCEL-Amp offers a balanced hearing impression, providing the required amplification of speech without compromising sound quality or comfort. This benefit will help both experienced and inexperienced hearing instrument wearers.
  • XCEL-Fit, is a new fitting strategy, designed with new users in mind. Based on psychoacoustic models for speech comprehension and listening comfort, the newly developed strategy further enables a pleasant listening experience without reducing speech comprehension.
  •  XCEL-View enables hearing care professionals to fine-tune the hearing system according to the wearer’s personal requirements. An intuitive menu streamlines many processes, making the fitting process easier for the hearing professional.

“Hearing instruments with XCEL technology provide better speech comprehension while maintaining comfort in all listening situations, without overwhelming wearers with new unfamiliar sounds,” states Wendy Davies, National Sales & Audiology Manager at Siemens Hearing Instruments.

“We’ve developed new algorithms in the technology that facilitate a proper balance between the necessary amplification and the wearer’s individual perception of sounds.”

XCEL technology will be available to retail dispensers via the Siemens Motion SX, Motion P, Pure and Pure Carat products. This will cater for a variety of individual requirements including: BTEs offering the highest comfort and usability, such as the Motion SX & P range; small discreet RIC instruments with wireless technology, such as the Pure range; and the versatile, discreet RIC instruments, such as the Pure Carat.


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