TLT appoints Dr Art Tucker as Clinical Director  

18 June 2012

Tarilian Laser Technologies appointed a leading expert from the William Harvey Institute, Dr Art T Tucker, as Clinical Director. Dr Tucker is a Principal Clinical Scientist and Vascular Researcher at St Bartholomew’s Hospital, London; Honorary Reader at The William Harvey Research Institute, Queen Mary University of London; Chairman, NRES Committee London — City & East, a National Research Ethics Advisor, National Patients Safety Agency, and a member of EUCROF.

Commenting on his appointment, Dr Tucker said, “I am excited to join TLT, as this dynamic and world-class company now consolidates it’s unique and prominent position in the world of blood pressure measurement and haemodynamics. TLT has pioneered a very powerful technology and finessed its applications not just in blood pressure anywhere in the body including the eye, but also in other equally exciting and important areas of medicine including foetal monitoring, peripheral vascular disease and others that we will announce in due course. TLT continues to excite the medical community with it’s very promising entry and I am excited to take part in this journey with TLT that will redefine the state of the art of medicine.”

Dr Sandeep Shah, CEO of Tarilian Laser Technologies, said that, “Everyone here at TLT is thrilled that Dr Tucker has agreed to join our management team as we now accelerate the development of what will become a unique sensor company.

"He will enhance our team as Dr Tucker brings unique skills in international clinical trial design, execution and governance together with globally renowned operational and execution expertise through his roles at QMUL, The William Harvey Institute and Seahorse Scientific Services. He will into the future dynamise our international team considerably and lead on the TLT clinical programme strategy and execution across our global projects.”

Dr Tucker outlines TLT's future clinical programmes:

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