TLT's optoelectronic blood pressure sensor featured on the BBC

9 March 2012

Tarilian Laser Technologies, which has developed a revolutionary optoelectronic sensor for measuring blood pressure, was featured on BBC Radio 2's Simon Mayo Drivetime show on 2 March (see video below).

The company was featured in the show's weekly inventor's slot, which presents to the audience a new invention that is or will soon be available to consumers.

The company's next-generation sensor, called Sapphire, will open the market to a wide range of new easy-to-use, accurate blood pressure products for clinicians, medical research, home healthcare and sports — where monitoring physical performance of elite athletes can be critical.

The sensor provides a highly accurate and continuous beat-to-beat blood pressure measurement in digital form, so blood pressure data can be stored electronically. This data can be further analysed to give cardiovascular information such as heart performance. Having electronic data also means there can be a complete audit trail for applications such as clinical research.

In the BBC studios in central London, TLT's Programme Director and co-founder, Nita Shah first demonstrated the sensor to the BBC's business and economics reporter Rebecca Pike, who presents the inventor's slot, by taking her blood pressure and cardiovascular profile. She also took the profile of show presenter Simon Mayo in the radio studio during a short break while a record was playing. (see photos and video below). She was then interviewed on air by Rebecca Pike to explain to the audience what is wrong with the current technology for blood pressure measurement and why the company's sensor will make such difference for the management of blood pressure (see video below).

TLT's Nita Shah takes the cardiovascular profile of the BBC's Rebecca Pike

Above: TLT's Nita Shah (left) takes the blood pressure and cardiovascular
profile of the BBC's Rebecca Pike
Below: Taking presenter Simon Mayo's profile during the show
(while a record was playing on air).

TLT's Nita Shah takes the cardiovascular profile of BBC Radio 2 presenter Simon Mayo

Video of part of the interview in the studio for
the Inventor's slot on the Simon Mayo show (below).


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