EDMA and Eucomed join forces to create European industry federation

17 January 2012

Brussels, Belgium. EDMA, the European Diagnostic Manufacturers Association, and Eucomed, the European medical technology industry association, have announced that they will join forces to form a European industry federation, though each will remain independant.

The move aims to enhance the recognition of their joint membership at European level and make them uniquely positioned to address common issues of interest and provide stakeholders with a comprehensive view on the latest technological advances and value-based innovations.

The creation of a European industry federation builds on the longstanding relationship between the two associations and aims to form the basis for even greater cooperation to ensure the place of IVDs and medical technology at the forefront of twenty-first century healthcare and healthcare policy.

To accomplish this goal, the two associations are seeking to employ a joint Chief Executive to head the federation and drive forward future activities by defining a new organisational strategy. The associations will remain organised as two separate and distinct legal entities. The industry federation’s membership is open to other European associations operating in the medical industry.

After the departure of EDMA Director General Philippe Jacon in October 2011, EDMA is currently being led by Dr. Volker Oeding ad interim. Luciano Cattani is Chief Executive ad interim of Eucomed since January 17, taking over the role from John Wilkinson, who had already announced he would leave the post last year.

“We have come together today to further strengthen the ties between our associations and to enhance the effectiveness of the healthcare industry by providing our joint contribution to public health and research policies in Europe,” EDMA President Dr. Jürgen Schulze explained. “This relationship will take our coordination, collaboration and alignment of information and policies on mutually important issues to a new level.”

As priority issues for the federation, the two associations have identified, inter alia, the need to further their close cooperation with regulators and policy makers on the upcoming revision of the legal framework for medical devices, which needs to be adapted to the specifics of new and emerging technologies.

“Establishing a European industry federation makes perfect sense not only to our members but also to the outside world. Being able to speak with one industry voice increases the clarity for our stakeholders and enables the federation to more effectively drive value-based innovation in the industry, which in turn will lead to more sustainable healthcare systems” said Eucomed Chairman Guy Lebeau.

More information

EDMA: www.edma-ivd.eu

EUCOMED: www.eucomed.org

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