Systagenix launches point of care test for rapid assessment of chronic wounds

28 November 2011

Gatwick, UK. Systagenix has announced the launch of Woundchek Protease Status, the first product arising from the collaboration with Alere Scarborough. Woundchek is the world’s first rapid, point of care test for the assessment of protease activity in chronic wounds. It will be launched outside of the United States in December 2011.

Paolo Di Vincenzo, Vice President of Global Marketing at Systagenix commented: “With an estimated 30 million chronic wounds treated each year, doctors, nurses and patients throughout the world will benefit from a rapid, easy to use, point of care test for protease activity to help them better target treatment. Recent clinical data shows that approximately 30% of non-healing chronic wounds may have Elevated Protease Activity, or EPA, and that these wounds may only have a 10% probability of healing without appropriate intervention.

As there are no clinical signs for EPA, wounds with EPA are often unrecognized, costing billions to healthcare systems around the world. Woundchek Protease Status helps clinicians establish within minutes which wounds may most benefit from a protease modulating therapy, ensuring appropriate and targeted use of these therapies. Government and private payers will no longer have to fund the blanket use of certain advanced dressings and therapies, but rather will be able to fund appropriate use according to diagnosed wound pathology.”

The collaboration between Systagenix and Alere, which began in 2010, is aimed at developing a range of diagnostic tests targeting markers recommended by the 2008 World Union of Wound Healing Societies (WUWHS) consensus document which emphasized the importance of effective assessment and diagnosis in wound care.

Systagenix has developed a portfolio of intellectual property and know-how in the field, to be launched on Alere’s highly successful ICT card test platform. These tests will provide the foundation for wound condition diagnosis, facilitating optimal patient management and performed in just minutes at the point of care, from the hospital to the patients’ own home.

Systagenix CEO, Ernest Waaser said, “The relationship between Systagenix and Alere represents an important milestone in the growth strategy of our company.

"Systagenix has focused significant development resources on wound care diagnostics and this collaboration with Alere provides Systagenix access to unmatched point of care diagnostic test development expertise, an already proven point of care diagnostic technology platform and regulatory and manufacturing capabilities that considerably accelerate commercialization.

"Our goal is to position Systagenix as the leader in advanced diagnostic and therapeutic systems that enable clinicians to heal every wound predictably and cost effectively.”

Andy Wilkinson, Site Manager and VP of Finance of Alere Scarborough Inc., added: “We are very pleased to lend the already successful and well established ICT card test format to a field such as wound care. Wound care is a brand new area for point of care diagnostics, and one that presents considerable challenges to companies operating outside the field. Systagenix is therefore an ideal collaborator for Alere, with recognized expertise in wound pathology, world leadership in the active dressings category and a proven track record of building new businesses in wound care.”

Established in 2008, following the acquisition of Johnson & Johnson’s advanced wound care business, Systagenix supplies over 20 million advanced wound dressings per month into over 100 countries worldwide.

Source: Systagenix


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