Renfrew Group design temporary hospital side room for infection isolation

16 October 2011

Renfrew Group International (RGi) has worked with the UK NHS to create a Temporary Side Room to provide isolation facilities and airborne infection control to help with the fight against hospital infections.

 RGi were briefed to design and develop a portable isolation facility to the point of production readiness. The aim is to enable NHS staff to more easily and cost effectively fight MRSA and C. difficile, whilst providing increased protection to other patients and an impetus for behavioural change in relation to hand washing rates.

The requirements were that it must be practical, fast to erect and dismantle and easy to clean with no dirt traps. Other features included a non-touch doorway, hand washing facilities and built-in water supply for a minimum of 1 day's washing with non-touch towel dispenser as well as a 2-sided consumables locker and a deliveries hatch. Initial analysis of computer models was carried out using CFD (computational fluid dynamics) and backed up with physical testing in the lab and in ward situations.

The Temporary side Room

The primary objectives of the temporary side room were:

  • to reduce transmission by contact;
  • reduce casual visits;
  • reduce spread by airborne transmission;
  • improve infection control procedure; and
  • maximize patient comfort, dignity and privacy.

The Temporary Side Room has recently been through clinical environment trials and is currently being commercialised. Production data has been issued to NHS Supply Chain to initiate the procurement process and tendering.


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