Philips launches Practix 360 mobile X-ray

21 June 2011

Royal Philips Electronics has announced the launch of its new Practix 360 mobile X-ray system which combines design with new functionality to provide a straight-to-patient radiography system that can be used throughout the hospital setting.

The new system is designed to optimize workflow by transporting a mobile X-ray system around a hospital or clinic, to address the issue of access to immobile patients, such as those being treated in the Intensive Care Unit or the Operating Room.

It features four free-swiveling wheels that allow for 360 degree movement on the spot. It also weighs 30% less than conventional systems at just 175Kg, making it more compact than conventional mobile X-ray systems and allowing it to be easily transported for use in multiple settings.

The flexibility offered by the Practix 360 system is further enhanced with a long-life LED collimator light and an optional SID (source-to-image distance) laser light. The LED collimator — one and a half times brighter than conventional collimator lights — creates more contrast and provides a clear X-ray exposure area even under difficult ambient lighting conditions, making it easier for the user to locate the region of interest. At the same time, the SID laser light precisely shows the SID at 100cm or 110cm, allowing for quick and accurate positioning.

“The Practix 360 provides state-of-the-art imaging technology from Philips in an economical package and we are excited by the new possibilities it brings to mobile radiography,” commented Ivo Aarninkhof, Senior Director Value Diagnostic X-ray. “Clinicians and patients alike will benefit from the Practix 360’s impressive level of functionality, which helps to improve work flow through ease of use and the ability to use it almost anywhere within the hospital setting.”


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