Wipro Technologies launches cloud-based portal for clinical trials collaboration

21 June 2011

Wipro Technologies has announced a secure cloud-based solution called Wipro Clinical Collaboration Portal, to help its customer base of drug development owners (sponsors), CROs (clinical research organizations), clinical sites and regulators to significantly improve collaboration capabilities for multi-region clinical trials.

Clinical trials for global studies require close collaboration between partners and regulators across multiple regions to conduct multi-region clinical trials effectively and rapidly. Wipro says the portal platform will reduce the clinical trial cycle time by 20-30% by speeding up communication and document exchanges between all the stakeholders — the sponsor organization, the staff of the CRO along with clinical site coordinators and principal investigators. This Portal platform can be leveraged as an enterprise level solution to increase efficiency and lower the cost of clinical operations.
There is an intensifying need in the market for a platform that can centralize information, manage financing, facilitate accurate reporting, automatic scheduling and provide the ease of patient recruitment.  This need for increased collaboration in clinical trial operation elements, coupled with the need to cater to different styles of recruiting patients, for different therapeutic areas and identifying the best clinical sites that can perform clinical studies, in adherence with the local regulations, has opened up a potential market for a collaboration portal.
Source: Wipro Technologies


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