Avacta secures second Optim sale in US

2 June 2011

Avacta Group plc has announced that its newly appointed sales and marketing partner for Optim in North America, Pall Corporation, has secured its first Optim sale, to one of the ten largest pharmaceutical companies in the US.

Optim reduces the time and cost of drug development through the early analysis of compounds to identify those candidates most suitable for development and to define the optimal processing conditions. In the critical stages of pre-formulation, stability testing and formulation of biopharmaceutical drugs, Optim delivers vital information tens of times faster than other approaches using sample sizes less than a hundredth needed by existing techniques.

Alastair Smith, Chief Executive of Avacta Group commented, “The US is the major market for Optim and I am delighted with the energetic and proactive start that Pall has made as our commercial partner in North America. ... Today’s order means we have already met the target of twelve Optim sales in the current year. I look forward to reporting on further sales in due course and on the wider development of the commercial relationship with Pall.”

Source: Avacta

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