Siemens Healthcare boosts environmental product portfolio

7 March 2011

Siemens Healthcare has integrated the SOMATOM Definition Flash CT, the AXIOM Luminos dRF Fluoroscopy system and the Ysio X-ray system into the Siemens’ environmental portfolio.

Internal and external evaluation found significant improvements in material usage and dosage reduction in comparison to previous systems.

 Siemens Healthcare’s latest report, Environmental Protection, Occupational Health and Safety 2010 details 11 healthcare products that form part of Siemens AG’s environmental portfolio.

In comparison to the previous system, the SOMATOM Definition Flash CT uses up to 45% less energy for thorax examinations and up to 85 percent less for cardiac examinations. Furthermore, the system offers the highest speeds and lowest dose of any CT scanner currently on the market. Innovative new design techniques have reduced out-of-balance forces meaning lead counterweights are no longer needed to balance the rotating parts of CT machines and any remaining imbalances can be compensated for with steel.

The AXIOM Luminos dRF makes energy savings of 35% when compared to the lifecycle of the AXIOM Iconos R200 when used under the same workload conditions. The 2-in-1 digital fluoroscopy and radiography system also helps improve workflow as it negates the need for film cassettes. Special CARE (Combined Applications for Reduced Exposure) applications also help radiographers to work with reduced dosage levels.

The digital Ysio X-ray System uses 20% less energy per patient examination compared with the Aristos MX/VX X-Ray System. Furthermore, as film cassettes are not needed its design contributes to material savings and helps avoid waste.

Siemens’ environmental portfolio is a collection of energy and resource efficient products helping customers to cut CO2 emissions, reduce product lifecycle costs and improve ecological performance. Since 2006, Siemens Healthcare has operated an Environment, Health & Safety (EHS) management system using internationally recognised occupational health and safety management systems and environmental and radiation protection. Sales of the healthcare sector's ‘green’ portfolio have steadily grown from 8% of total sales in 2008 to 12% in 2010.

"The integration of our latest healthcare products into Siemens’ environmental portfolio highlights commitment to global sustainability challenges such as urbanisation, a shortage in natural resources and climate protection," said Peter Harrison, Divisional Director, Imaging and Therapy at Siemens Healthcare.

The full Siemens report on environmental protection and occupational health and safety can be obtained from:


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