Fujifilm launches Go2 portable X-ray unit

4 March 2011

Fujifilm‘s latest addition to its computed radiography range is the mobile Go2 digital X-ray unit, offering quick and accurate X-ray exposures and images.

The lightweight and compact unit provides mobility and easy manoeuvrability, even in tight spaces, assisted by dual motors that enable simple, smooth steering.

In addition, four acceleration modes are incorporated as standard. The Go2 even has a touch sensor on the front of the unit that will stop it automatically, should it make contact with an obstacle.

The Go2 portable X-ray unit
The Go2 portable X-ray unit

The Go2 incorporates a large 15” display that allows users to easily input and manage patient data, whilst its 32kW generator reduces exposure times to prevent motion artefacts. Go2 also offers a simple exposure adjustment facility enabling any final alterations to be made directly from the remote panel on the tube head.

In addition, flexibility comes from its adjustable telescopic arm with extended horizontal and vertical movement, enabling longer exposure distances without compromising image quality.

Data transfer to a PACS can be achieved through either wireless or wired network connection or via encrypted USB flash drive transfer.


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