ExSilent introduces Qleaf Pro hearing aid with program change by tapping

1 March 2011

Dutch company ExSilent, developers of a miniature digital hearing aid, has produced a hearing aid with 'AirTAP' functionality, the Qleaf Pro.

This functionality makes it much easier for hearing aid users to switch discreetly between listening programs. When the device is in the ear, switching to another program is enabled by gently tapping on the ear, rendering the need for a button or switch on the device obsolete.

The Qleaf Pro has four different custom-made listening programs. It can, for example, be adjusted for going to the theatre, watching television, going to parties and for conversations in noisy areas like restaurants or cars.

The Qleaf Pro
The Qleaf Pro

The Qleaf range of next-generation hearing aids provides a natural sound by preserving the directivity of the ear. Because the Qleaf Pro is placed deeply into the ear, it rules out the risk of internal feedback and wind noise, allowing fashionably aware clients to feel comfortable with their hearing solution. The modular concept eliminates the need for ear impressions. The Qleaf Pro can be bought from specialized hearing aid shops and audiology clinics.


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