New journal on diabetes management

1 March 2011

Future Medicine Ltd has launched Diabetes Management, a new bimonthly title presenting findings, analyses and commentaries on the battle with managing Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes.

Articles published in Diabetes Management address improvements in current therapeutics and patient compliance, together with perspectives on future prospects.

Coverage will focus on the key objective of stabilizing blood glucose levels in individuals with either of the main forms of the disease, gestational diabetes and the associated issues of patient cooperation and education.

The journal will also reflect the frontiers of current research, such as attempts to recreate pancreatic cells through stem cell technology or islet cell transplantation, the development of preventive measures for Type 1 diabetes and the potential for biomarkers to be used for the detection of diabetes risk.

Diabetes Management will discuss the impact of encouraging healthier lifestyles to reduce the risk of Type 2 diabetes and the importance of education in this context, with respect to symptoms.

The management of diabetes has wide socioeconomic implications to be tackled, and this new journal thereby provides clinicians and health workers with the latest findings and opinions on the optimum therapies for reducing the disabling effects of uncontrolled diabetes.

Dr Jaakko Tuomilehto of the University of Helsinki, one of four Associate Editors in charge of the editorial direction of Diabetes Management, is supported by a team of international experts making up the editorial advisory board.

Tuomilehto commented, “There are several scientific journals related to diabetes. Nevertheless, it is obvious that there is a place and need for a new one, especially one that deals with the management of diabetes. There is no single or standard way to manage diabetes; management is as complex as the disease itself.”

Elisa Manzotti, Editorial Director at Future Medicine, said, “The input of all involved in Diabetes Management has been invaluable to ensure we have a robust launch in this exciting arena of research and practice.”

Manzotti went on to describe, “Diabetes Management will comprise topical, concise articles bringing together all disciplines of diabetes management. All submitted articles will be subjected to rigorous peer and constructive peer review by at least three independent referees.”


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