Microsulis sells microwave endometrial ablation technology to Hologic

21 Feb 2011

UK company Microsulis Medical Limited has announced that it is to discontinue sales of its Microwave Endometrial Ablation (MEA) system for gynaecology and female urology and has licensed the technology to Hologic Inc.

Microsulis says it will now concentrate on developing microwave tumour ablation technology.

Microsulis CEO Stuart McIntyre said, “Following years of investment and technical development in 2010 we achieved CE Mark and FDA 510k clearance on our revolutionary high power Microwave Tumour Ablation (MTA) system. This breakthrough system redefines the performance benchmark for tumour ablation devices in the interventional oncology market.

"Through the sale of our MEA platform to Hologic, we not only open our microwave technology to the most capable device developer in the woman’s health space, but we release the value of MEA to underpin the commercialization phase of our MTA device.

“Hologic has the capability and market leadership needed to release the potential of our microwave technology to treat various female urological and gynecological conditions. There is no better company to nurture the technology in the woman’s health space.”

Microsulis says it will continue to support existing MEA users worldwide in using existing customer owned inventories of MEA treatments, and will retain ownership of all its MEA equipment including all systems and applicators currently on loan to users.


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