Partek and Ion Torrent in partnership to distribute genomics software

21 Feb 2011

Bioinformatics developer Partek Incorporated has signed a distribution agreement with Ion Torrent Systems, to make the Partek Genomics Suite available directly through Ion Torrent’s online store.

The Suite will be listed as a featured solution for analyzing data generated by Ion Torrent’s sequencing devices.

Genomics Suite is a comprehensive solution for the analysis, comparison and integration of the massive amounts of genomic data that can now be readily produced using semiconductor-based sequencing.

Used by thousands of scientists worldwide at leading universities, hospitals, government institutions, biotechnology firms and pharmaceutical companies, Partek Genomics Suite was cited in more than one peer-reviewed publication per day in 2010. It is unique in its ability to support all microarray and next-generation sequencing technologies for RNA-, DNA- and gene regulation applications in a single software package, allowing also for the integration of multiple applications in a user-friendly way.

 “Ion Torrent’s vision has always been to democratize sequencing with a system that is fast, simple and scalable so that everyone has access to sequencing technology,” said Mike Lelivelt, PhD, Director of Bioinformatics and Software Products at Ion Torrent. “Partek shares that vision. They build software that makes sequence analysis simple and accessible to everyone, and that makes this partnership a great fit for everyone, especially customers.”

“Partek has a great working relationship with Ion Torrent, and we’re pleased to have reached this agreement,” said Tom Downey, President of Partek. “The Ion Personal Genome Machine (PGM) is increasing accessibility to genomic sequencing, resulting in new data that has to be interpreted to be useful. Partek continues to be on the forefront of providing the necessary tools to streamline and simplify the analysis of genomic data such as product by Ion Torrent’s semiconductor sequencing technology.”


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