CLC Workbench v4.5 supports paired-end data for RNA-sequencing

21 Feb 2011

CLC bio has upgraded its software for genomics, transcriptomics, and epigenomics analysis. CLC Genomics Workbench v4.5 gives molecular biologists access to high-throughput sequencing datasets with powerful bioinformatics algorithms through a user-friendly graphical user-interface.

"Our RNA-seq analysis now supports the use of paired-end data for RNA-seq. A combination of single reads and paired reads can also be used, and expression values can now be stratified into transcript-level expression values, both for single and paired reads, allowing users to compare two different samples across transcripts," said Solution Delivery Manager at CLC bio, Søren Mønsted.

"Another important new feature is our batching functionality of all our high-throughput sequencing tools, enabling researchers to perform the same analysis on several elements in one batch, which is an easy way to analyze multiple datasets in one go and thereby save time for setting up and running the same type of analysis multiple times."

Other additions include redesigned multiplexing and BLAST tools, as well as a new algorithm for mapping SOLiD reads.


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