COMED project produces documentaries on European medical research

14 Feb 2011

COMED has released nine science documentaries on selected medical research projects funded by the European Commission’s 7th framework programme (FP7).

Each documentary is 8-10 minutes long and incorporates elements such as interviews with scientists, statements from patients and 3D bio-animations to show the value of scientific research.

The HEALTH division of the FP7 funding programme was set up by the European Commission to improve the health of European citizens and to boost the competitiveness of health-related research in Europe. Working together under the project name COMED, BROADVIEW TV and United Docs were commissioned to communicate activities and results of the FP7 programme to the general public.

An international team of filmmakers travelled across Europe, visiting numerous research locations and speaking to scientists about their hopes and experiences. In this process, the team gained valuable insights into various stages and realms of scientific research. The result is a series of films that take a look at current research ranging from fundamental to applied research, from decoding the biomarkers that determine human age to the search for affordable Malaria drugs.

The films are now online at


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