Web portal to track medical product deliveries across Europe

14 Feb 2011

PODXchange, a web portal from NetDespatch, enables companies to track deliveries of products and automate the capture and transformation of delivery status and proof of delivery signatures from different carriers in real time through a single centralised system.

It frees customer service teams from the time-consuming task of interrogating different carrier tracking systems and making numerous telephone calls, to find out the delivery status of their shipments.

Instead, they simply log into the web portal and either request a selection of shipments for a range of dates or use the relevant order number from their business systems to track the medical supplies as they are transported from their warehousing and distribution centres to their final destinations.

Companies can add new carriers to their supply chain as required, and once they are integrated with PODXchange — using simple FTP or web services — all the events can be viewed immediately in their common formats. This means that carriers can be added seamlessly without any requirements for further internal training. In addition, the data collected can be sent electronically in a standard form to their internal computer systems.

“PODXchange gives medical manufacturers and retailers complete freedom to use any carrier throughout Europe, with immediate visibility of the latest status of each shipment in a common format as soon as it is available. It is a powerful delivery management tool that reduces administration time, allowing our clients to track critical deliveries and respond more quickly to customer enquiries. It also provides flexibility and scalability to add new carriers when needed,” said Becky Clark, CEO NetDespatch.

“One of the challenges faced by medical companies is the need to provide up to date information about the status of their parcel deliveries. In some cases, they are relying on paper shipping and delivery documents that take a great deal of time and effort to process. With overseas deliveries, further issues such as language and time zones increase the difficulty of being able to process the information. PODXchange changes this completely, providing an easy to implement fully automated solution.”


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