STI Capital acquires Cardionetics

7 Feb 2011

STI Capital, a division of contract electronics manufacturer Surface Technology International (STI), has acquired Cardionetics Limited, a company that specialises in the manufacture of handheld ECG  devices for use by GPs.

Cardionetics Limited specialises in the development of advanced algorithms for ECG analysis and this acquisition gives STI a ready-made range of handheld ECG devices that are suitable for use in a professional medical setting.

STI has achieved uninterrupted growth since its inception in 1989 by providing design, test, manufacturing and assembly services to clients in a wide variety of sectors including aerospace, defence, medical, industrial, energy and telecommunications.

As a result of this success, STI Capital was formed in early 2010 to undertake selective investment in closely aligned businesses as part of the STI’s ongoing strategy for expansion. STI’s expertise in the production of reliable and robust PCBs for medical equipment (including ECG devices) made the opportunity to acquire Cardionetics an ideal way to add to the company’s existing strengths within the medical sector.

Tony Best, Director at STI Capital, said: “STI Capital is delighted to help STI expand their offer in the medical sector through the acquisition of Cardionetics. There has always been a strong synergy between the two businesses, as STI PCBs are a key component of the C.Net5000 and C.Net2000+ ECG devices. With the combined expertise of the two organisations I hope that we will be able to provide even more advanced ECG instruments that will improve patient care and ultimately help to save lives.”


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