Microfluidics announces PureNano as brand name of MRT technology applications

4 Feb 2011

Microfluidics has rebranded its innovative MRT nanoparticle creation technology as the PureNano platform, featuring the PureNano Continuous Crystallizer.

 PureNano combines a unique machine with expert process development to achieve smaller and more consistent particle sizes than previously possible for many applications, especially within the pharmaceutical and energy industries.

The PureNano Continuous Crystallizer provides research teams with new tools and methods to create stable inhalable formulations, improve the bioavailability of antibiotics and target delivery of novel cancer treatments, among other possibilities. Additional applications of PureNano include multi-phase chemical reactions and process intensification.

"PureNano is a milestone achievement of innovation for our company and represents a revolutionary and necessary step forward in the evolution of continuous crystallization," said Michael C. Ferrara, President and Chief Executive Officer of Microfluidics.

"Beta units in the field are surpassing the expectations of our pharmaceutical customers, and we are excited to discover with them the technology's full potential. In addition, our PureNano partners — POWREX in Japan and Particle Sciences in the United States — continue to commit to PureNano as a differentiator and an important part of the future of nanomaterials processing."

PureNano/MRT is a globally-patent-pending technology with active filings and applications in Australia, Canada, China, Europe, India, Israel, Japan and the United States.

"Pharmaceutical companies are seeking solutions for continuous crystallization using high shear, and PureNano fits this trend," said Mimi Panagiotou, PhD, Microfluidics Chief Technology Officer and co-creator of the technology. "As a platform technology, PureNano opens new avenues for improving drug bioavailability, suspension stability and actives delivery for potential breakthrough applications."


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