Celulas Genetica to patent breakthrough stem cell treatment for liver disease

21 Dec 2010

Emerging Healthcare Solutions, Inc. (EHSI) has announced that its newly acquired biotechnology division Celulas Genetica will submit an international patent application for the Rutherford Procedure, a revolutionary new stem-cell treatment for liver disease.

Celulas Genetica has engaged a patent specialist to file the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PTC) application with a receiving office in China. The biotech company licensed the procedure from Chinese firm, BBFITCL, and plans to conduct the treatment’s clinical trials in China, as well.

“We believe that the Rutherford Procedure could very well revolutionize the treatment of liver disease worldwide,” said EHSI President and CEO Cindy Morrissey. “Filing a PTC application is a necessary step to protect the value of this crucial asset.”

The Rutherford Procedure is a groundbreaking organ regeneration treatment intended to utilize proton-beam technology to destroy diseased organ tissue for regeneration using adult stem cells. Celulas Genetica is currently exploring the possibility of working with a Chinese proton therapy facility to develop the new treatment for use around the globe.

Morrissey announced earlier this week that she plans to travel to China soon to meet with stem-cell researchers and potentially help open a Celulas Genetica business office there. Extending its reach into the R&D hotbed of China would build on EHSI’s rapidly expanding global footprint: Celulas Genetica is headquartered in Panama, and EHSI opened business offices in Poland and Germany last month.

Last week, EHSI announced its acquisition of a Rotary Cell Culture System, or bioreactor, developed using revolutionary NASA research in the field of microgravity. Cell cultures, including stem cells, grown inside the bioreactor look and function much closer to human cells grown within the body than cell cultures grown in Petri dishes.

During the Rutherford Procedure, proton therapy will be used to destroy scar-tissue cells in the liver using high-energy proton beams, a non-invasive treatment proven to minimize damage to healthy tissues and to eliminate the side effects (including nausea) of traditional radiation therapy.

As the scar tissue is systematically destroyed by the proton therapy, a catheter will deliver the patient’s own cultured stem cells directly to his or her liver through the bloodstream. As more and more diseased tissue is destroyed, these cultured stem cells could help regenerate the patient’s damaged, cirrhotic liver into a healthy, functioning organ once more.

EHSI invests in technology developed to compete in the stem-cell research industry alongside Amgen Inc. (NASDAQ:AMGN), Acorda Therapeutics, Inc. (NASDAQ:ACOR), Celgene Corp. (NASDAQ:CELG) and Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (NASDAQ:REGN).


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