IDF issues roadmap to UN global summit on non-communicable diseases

17 Sept 2010

The International Diabetes Federation (IDF) has launched its Diabetes Roadmap to lead to the UN High Level Summit on Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) in September 2011. The document outlines IDF’s aims and deliverables for diabetes on the road to the Summit and its immediate aftermath.

On 13 May 2010 the United Nations General Assembly unanimously voted to hold the Summit on NCDs in September 2011 in recognition at the highest level of the magnitude of diabetes and NCDs.

IDF and the NCD Alliance were one of the earliest voices calling for such a Summit, and played a leading role in the success of Resolution 64/265.

Ann Keeling, IDF Chief Executive Officer, "With this Diabetes Roadmap, the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) has set out a diabetes-specific programme of work that will provide the critical foundations for ensuring the Summit has a lasting positive impact on the global diabetes epidemic."

This historical achievement reinforces the powerful voice of the NCD Alliance, comprised of the International Diabetes Federation, World Heart Federation, the Union for International Cancer Control and the International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease — The Union.

Representing over 880 national member associations in more than 170 countries, the NCD Alliance is a true civil society leader in the field of NCDs. The NCD Alliance has been building civil society plans and strategies for the Summit along with partnership structures to deliver strong outcomes for the broad NCD agenda.

Today’s release of the IDF Diabetes Roadmap kicks off a series of activities leading up to the Summit, starting with a ground-breaking meeting featuring leading diabetes experts. From the 10-12 September 2011, IDF is convening 16 high-profile diabetes experts from around the world in Brussels, Belgium.

This group of experts will be working together to produce two key technical documents: the IDF Global Diabetes Plan (2011-2021) and the IDF Global Diabetes Care Model. Both documents will provide the global advocacy, action and implementation frameworks for world leaders and governments.

The IDF Global Diabetes Plan (2011-2021) will provide a strategic action framework to rally new key partners, push forward research and development, and have a rapid impact on diabetes in the regions shouldering the brunt of the global diabetes epidemic. The Plan will be presented to UN agencies, politicians, bureaucrats, international aid agencies, philanthropic organizations and business leaders. The IDF Global Diabetes Care Model will guide governments on the implementation of essential approaches to addressing diabetes, providing a model that can be adapted to different cultural and economic contexts.

“The world must move from talk to action now. When heads of governments ask us at the Summit what can be done about diabetes, these documents will provide the answers,” said IDF President Jean Claude Mbanya.

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