NextBio improves integration and mining of array and gene sequencing data

4 May 2010

NextBio has launched a new version of its life science research platform, adding new capabilities for the integration and mining of high-throughput array and next-generation sequencing data.

The new NextBio Sequence-Centric module enables researchers to effectively explore and utilize massive amounts of public and internally generated sequencing data, while allowing organizations to create corporate-wide genomic data platforms to serve the needs of their global research teams.

“As the use of high-throughput sequencing technologies continues to grow, the resulting massive volumes of data are making effective data interpretation imperative,” said Saeid Akhtari, President and Chief Executive Officer of NextBio.

“The latest evolution of NextBio is designed to help research organizations intelligently consume public and internal genomic data from transcriptomic, copy-number, epigenetic and resequencing studies, and to use the knowledge gained to advance strategically important initiatives in basic and clinical research. The ability to integrate and correlate massive volumes of diverse data using a single platform provides our users unimaginable opportunities for generating hypotheses, designing experiments, and, ultimately, making major discoveries.”

The technology developed by NextBio allows researchers in basic science, drug discovery and clinical research to obtain a correlated view of large quantities of processed public data in conjunction with their own datasets. Using NextBio, researchers can explore these diverse types of data within a single environment at unprecedented speed and scale, with just a few mouse clicks.

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