Domainex and Pharmidex form drug discovery services alliance

11 February 2010

Domainex Ltd and Pharmidex have formed a strategic alliance, combining their expertise and innovative technologies to provide the market with an integrated, high-quality drug discovery services platform.

The joint service offering will amalgamate Domainex’s LeadBuilder technology for cost-effective hit-finding, as well as its highly experienced medicinal chemistry team, with Pharmidex’s renowned expertise and in vitro and in vivo capabilities in drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics (DMPK).

The alliance will have a particular emphasis on tackling the most challenging of scientific problems, including novel or “difficult” drug targets. Examples of this proficiency include Domainex’s proven capabilities in peptidomimetic drugs, and Pharmidex’s recognised expertise in the study of DMPK within the central nervous system (NeuroPK and NeuroPD).

Dr Eddy Littler, CEO of Domainex commented: “Pharmidex and Domainex have both identified clients who wish to be supported with an integrated discovery and lead characterisation platform. By forming this alliance we can offer this option to those clients who need it, providing this service to them in a seamless manner.

"Domainex has been searching for a DMPK partner that has both the level of expertise and the range of capabilities to match our specialist know-how and capabilities in the fields of medicinal chemistry and the expression of difficult protein targets.

"Pharmidex was the obvious choice for a strategic partnership. We are very impressed with their capabilities and track record in DMPK services, and especially their ability to work on demanding and unusual problems. Together, the two companies will forge a strong alliance for the benefit of our current and future clients.”

Dr Mohammad Alavijeh, CEO of Pharmidex commented: “We are delighted to be working with the team at Domainex. They have a fantastic track record in R&D success, including the delivery of several candidate drugs on behalf of their clients — predominantly organisations in the academic and biotech sectors. Pharmidex works with similar organisations, but also has a strong customer base for our drug discovery services in the pharma sector. We believe that this alliance of skills and expertise will enable us to extend our client-base in multiple drug discovery sectors.”

Dr Keith Powell Chairman of Domainex added: “Domainex had an excellent 2009, especially towards the end of the year when we secured several significant contracts with large pharmaceutical companies for our Combinatorial Domain Hunting biology services. We are very pleased to have started 2010 in the same positive manner and are on a solid footing to make further commercial progress. “

Dr Ken Powell Chairman of Pharmidex said “Pharmidex’s reputation and client base in the Pharma sector is growing quickly, and MRC Technology — one of our existing clients — has just endorsed Pharmidex as its sole provider of in vivo PK studies for 2010. We are not just providing services to our clients but knowledge and experience which together with a flexible approach to study design has endeared us to clients seeking real value.”


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