Fujitsu joins TRaC partner laboratory programme to support CE certification

11 February 2010

TRaC, a UK-based provider of testing, validation and certification, has announced that Fujitsu General EMC Laboratory Limited has joined the TRaC Partner Laboratory Programme. This offers enhanced services to manufacturers wishing to certify products for sale in the UK and Europe.

This programme enables Fujitsu to provide CE certification to Japanese manufacturers with the support of TRaC’s expertise.

The TRaC Partner Laboratory Programme helps test facilities based outside the EU to provide a reliable and efficient certification service. TRaC helps partners draw up test plans, verifies testing meets European legislation, generates reports and produces the technical file that demonstrates compliance.

TRaC also ensures that other documentation such as Declarations of Conformity, approvals listings, labelling and instruction manuals meet the stringent requirements of their intended markets. The programme eliminates the risk of incomplete or inaccurate interpretation of standards by overseas laboratories, a particular problem if regulations need to be translated, as well as speeding the approvals process by providing a European project management service to ensure any problems can be resolved quickly.

“This partnership ensures that Japanese manufactured equipment and products for the export market can be tested in country at first class facilities, providing the test data and reports to support the documentation needed to prove compliance in world markets,” commented Mark Heaven, TRaC CEO. “I am delighted to welcome the Fujitsu General EMC Laboratory into the TRaC Partner Laboratory Programme.”

The new service is available now, and will be offered by Fujitsu General EMC Laboratory and PSC Corporation, TRaC’s partner consulting firm in Japan.

Mr Hiroyuki Shimanoe, president of Fujitsu General EMC Laboratory Limited, stated, “Fujitsu General EMC Laboratory performs efficient and precision testing and provides suitable consulting for modification of products by skilled EMC engineers. We are very pleased to have and keep a partnership with TRaC and PSC.”


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