New high performance ENT instruments from Riester

9 February 2010

Riester has launched a range of ENT (ear, nose, throat) diagnostic instruments, the ri-scope L series of otoscopes and ophthalmoscopes. This new range was developed with input from medical doctors to ensure optical quality and an ergonomic design that is comfortable and user-friendly.

All ENT instruments of the ri-scope L- series feature Riester’s brand new LED technology that provides a whiter light, improving examinations as a result of its enhanced image clarity and colour contrast.

The area under examination is shown in true-colour: the improved red-colour contrast aiding a reliable and exact diagnosis. Lamps with LED technology have a lifetime of at least 10,000 hours, compared to 20-30 hours with the alternative halogen and xenon lamps. ri-scope L combines this energy efficient LED technology with a long lasting lithium-ion battery to create a sustained high-power performance and significant cost savings.

Riester ENT instruments
The range of Riester instruments

Light-weight lithium-ion batteries have the benefit of achieving a considerably higher charging capacity and longer lifetime than regular batteries and provide sustained high performance for up to 1200 charging cycles.

Riester has also introduced its brand-new rheotronic technology for instrument handles. This new patent pending technology makes it possible to power both LEDs and conventional bulbs electronically. This means that the usage of all ri-scope L instrument heads is possible by one handle only, no matter which kind of illumination is selected.

100% light output is guaranteed immediately after a slight turn of the electronic switch and it is possible to regulate light intensity very smoothly in both directions. An automatic turn-off function after 120s guarantees that LEDs, bulbs and the Li-Ion rechargeable batteries are conserved and can be used as long as possible.

By this universally unique combination of LEDs, Li-Ion rechargeable batteries and the rheotronic technology, Riester is able to offer the reliable diagnostic instruments with a long lifetime.

All ri-scope L instrument heads can be used with C- or AA-handles, making them portable, or with the Riester diagnostic wall mounted station ri-former.


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