caprotec bioanalytics launches new kits for proteomics and drug development

5 February 2010

Berlin-based caprotec bioanalytics has launched three new caproKits, for the discovery, identification and characterization of proteins belonging to the groups of metallo-proteases, histon-deacetylases and GDP/GTP binding proteins.

The three new kits are the Marimastat caproKit, SAHA caproKit and GDP caproKit, respectively and increase the number of commercially available caproKits to a total of seven.

The company's caproKits are based on the proprietary Capture Compound Mass Spectrometry (CCMS) technology, a novel and direct way to investigate small molecule–protein interactions resulting in a significant functional reduction of proteome complexity. Capture Compounds enable direct isolation and identification of proteins including membrane proteins out of complex biological samples.

The new and existing kits target different areas of research ranging from signal transduction (cAMP, cGMP, Stauro and the new GDP caproKit) to epigenetics (SAH and the new SAHA caproKit), and proteases (Marimastat caproKit). Additional caproKits for applications in these and other research areas are under development and will be released in the coming months.

"Our new caproKits are innovative and effective tools for researchers in the field of proteomics needing a solution for targeted reduction of sample complexity," stated Dr. Hubert Koster, CEO of caprotec bioanalytics. "Our most recent scientific publications in Molecular and Cellular Proteomics and Toxicological Sciences provide powerful testimonials for the capabilities of our CCMS technology."


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