Hybrid theatre enables advanced procedures at Bristol Heart Institute

19 January 2010

A ‘hybrid theatre’, the second of its kind in the UK, has been opened at the Bristol Heart Institute (BHI).

The new imaging technology and a £60 million building positions the facility as a central location for all heart services at Bristol Royal Infirmary. Equipment includes an Artis zee ceiling-mounted interventional imaging system with a large detector and an operating table.

While the hybrid theatre will be used for complex interventions and surgical procedures, three other Artis zees have been installed at BHI. A new 24-hour cath lab, situated close to the ambulance bay, will enable almost immediate treatment in emergency situations. Two further Artis zees have been installed in a conventional cath lab. Both systems are expected to increase the amount of patients seen due to advanced imaging capabilities, easy patient access and flexibility.

The hybrid operating theatre
The hybrid operating theatre at the Bristol Heart Institute

The hybrid theatre will mean shorter waiting times, reduced hospital stays, fewer operations and less distress for patients. Cardiac radiologists, vascular surgeons, cardiac surgeons and interventional cardiologists will now be able to carry out different procedures on one patient in the same room. Procedures to be carried out include mitral valvuloplasty, Ventricular Septal Defect (VSD) closures, percutaneous aortic and pulmonary valve replacement.

“The hybrid cath lab enables us to carry out combined procedures, for example surgery and image-guided intervention at the same time. Furthermore, we can use the room for a range of different procedures which gives us a great deal of flexibility,” said Dr. Andreas Baumbach, Consultant Cardiologist at BHI. “The Artis zee is state-of-the-art. The image quality is superb and as the system can be quickly moved away when not required, it is the ideal solution for what we are trying to achieve.”

The ceiling-mounted Artis zee provides excellent patient access and outstanding imaging at a low dose. The system can be moved quickly and easily to create the space needed for an operating environment. A Siemens operating table was also chosen for its improved functionality that includes trendelenberg and lateral tilt. This provides clinicians with a clear view into the chest and the radiolucent properties needed for cath lab interventions.

“The combination of an interventional imaging system with operating table has provided clinicians at BHI with a hybrid theatre environment,” said Darren Parker, Regional Sales Manager at Siemens Healthcare. “This is an advanced facility with advanced technology and we are delighted that Siemens is a part of it.”

The hospital has also ordered a Mobilett XP mobile digital X-ray system featuring a detector that can be used in virtually any clinical situation. This enables clinicians to view images within seconds and instantly upload them to a PACS (picture archiving and communications system).


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