Sigma-Aldrich launches 'What's Your Favorite Gene?' application On Facebook

17 December 2009

Sigma-Aldrich (Nasdaq: SIAL) has launched a unique life science-focused application for the social media site, Facebook.

Developed and marketed by Sigma Life Science, the What's Your Favorite Gene? application is currently the only application of its kind available on Facebook, and provides a platform that can enable scientists and researchers to network with each other and facilitate discussion based on their favourite genes, identifiable via gene functionality and biological pathways.

The application also allows researchers to post and share gene information using gene details and associated pathways and interactors from Sigma-Aldrich's award-winning online search platform.

Designed to encourage a culture of scientific collaboration, information sharing, cooperation and networking, the What's Your Favorite Gene? application encourages scientists to become 'fans' of their favourite genes and then connect with colleagues to share their own experiences with the genes that drive their research.

In addition, those using the application can build their own scientific profile and pull any online publications into this profile or pull citations directly from PubMed to create a page that highlights their research accomplishments and provides their skill set and experience. An element of the application is the What's Your Favorite Gene? quiz that allows users to determine what gene most accurately portrays their personality.

"With over half a million users worldwide interested in science, including around 200,000 that are researchers or that are interested in Biology, Facebook provides an outstanding platform to connect scientists and a significant audience for Sigma-Aldrich to interact," said Dr. David Smoller, President of Sigma-Aldrich's Research Biotech business unit.

"The What's Your Favorite Gene? portal provides the scientific basis for that connection and we hope What's Your Favorite Gene? fosters a culture of information exchange and collaboration within the life science community. We plan to continue expanding the online dialogue of researchers and will be developing additional ways to connect scientists in the coming months."

The biological information that supports the application is provided by Sigma-Aldrich's Your Favorite Gene powered by Ingenuity. Launched in January 2009, it has won awards for its interactive nature, setting it apart from static biological search options available in the life science market. It contains interactive pathways and gene interaction maps for over 90,000 genes mapped to relevant products such as antibodies, RNA interference (shRNA and siRNA), small molecules, proteins, and peptides. The portal enables researchers to model experiments and to search by gene, protein, function, disease, species, tissue or pathway by providing access to a curated database of biological information.

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