Aerotel launches wireless telehealth systems for remote patient monitoring

15 December 2009

Aerotel Medical Systems, a global supplier of advanced remote monitoring solutions for personal telehealth and telecare, has launched new innovative wireless telehealth and homecare solutions.

The new systems include:

  • Mobile-CliniQ — an affordable personal mobile health solution. It is a cellphone application that enables remote monitoring of various health parameters, such as electrocardiogram (ECG), blood pressure, blood glucose level, weight, etc. External vital signs monitoring devices can be connected via a Bluetooth interface. Data is transmitted via a GPRS mobile phone system to a medical monitoring centre. Physicians can view patient data and provide interpretation and advice from practically anywhere, saving time and travel expenses and reducing healthcare delivery costs.
  • Connect-Cell — cellular-based homecare data hub. A flexible global wireless connectivity hub, it enables users to easily transmit vital signs data via the cellular network (GPRS) to a central monitoring centre. It incorporates a flexible device, incorporating both wired serial interface and wireless Bluetooth connectivity. It expands Aerotel’s home hub offering, which includes Tele-Modem for landline telephone lines, Connect-LAN for IP networks and Home-CliniQ PC-based homecare hub.

Connect Cell data hub
The Connect Cell data hub

“Aerotel continues to invent and to introduce new and improved homecare and personal health solutions for the benefit of both patients and healthcare providers,” said David Rubin, Aerotel Medical Systems President & CEO. “By utilizing wireless communications for the collection and transmission of health parameters, Aerotel’s new solutions provide enhanced level of care and cost reduction.”


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