iMDsoft launches MVexpress anaesthesia system for European market

9 December 2009

iMDsoft has unveiled MVexpress, a complete anaesthesia information management system designed for rapid deployment. It supports and enhances the workflow from pre-op through intra-op to the post anaesthesia care unit and generates a complete, accurate, billable anaesthesia record, while freeing anaesthesiologists to devote more time to direct patient care rather than to paperwork.

Many hospitals and clinics do not have the resources to implement a fully customizable anaesthesia information management system and are looking for a solution that meets their needs. For such institutions, iMDsoft now offers an out-of-the-box product that incorporates over 10 years of experience in the anaesthesia environment throughout Europe. MVexpress has been configured to suit national requirements and is initially available for European customers in France and Germany.

Benefits of MVexpress include:

  • Rapid deployment —  Using a new methodology designed to speed deployment time, MVexpress can be live and ready for use within two weeks. MVexpress utilizes a standardized database, relevant, pre-installed content and a library of drivers covering the most popular anaesthesia devices, significantly shortening the time from the start of installation to “Go-Live”.
  • Minimal resources required — MVexpress is already engineered for use in local markets, requiring little on-site configuration and therefore limited personnel to deploy. This translates directly into a reduced total cost of ownership.
  • Incorporates over a decade of best practices — MetaVision has been implemented in operating rooms worldwide — including 13 of the top 50 hospitals in Europe* and 4 of the top 10 hospitals in the US. MetaVision enjoys a 100% implementation success rate and customer retention rate. By aggregating best practices accumulated over years of experience, iMDsoft offers MVexpress customers with a standardized configuration ideally suited for anaesthesia practices.

Simplifying and enhancing compliance with local reporting and safety regulations

Local government, regulatory agencies and industry groups are increasingly requiring standardized quality, safety and outcomes reports. MVexpress is pre-configured to meet these requirements. It enables the reporting of diagnoses, clinical data, procedures and outcomes.

In Germany, for example, the system incorporates the set of mandatory parameters necessary in order to seal the anaesthesia chart, as required by The German Society of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care Medicine (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Anästhesiologie und Intensivmedizin, DGAI). Further, events are documented in the system as defined by the Diagnosis-Related-Groups (DRG) for reimbursement purposes.

MVexpress creates an electronic case record, from pre-op to the post anaesthesia care unit, which is both comprehensive and billable. It is available on a modular basis and can cover all or part of the anaesthesia workflow:

  • Pre-op — MetaVision facilitates preoperative assessment through the use of forms that collect patient data such as anaesthetic history, allergies, and home medications.
  • Intra-op — Pre-op evaluations, risk factors, and the anaesthesia plan can be easily accessed during surgery. Device data is automatically captured, generating the anaesthesia record. Drugs and clinical events are registered as they occur using an intuitive touch screen interface, bar code scanner, and other standard input methods. The system enforces protocols and best practices using rule-based decision support.
  • Post-op — A view of the patient anaesthesia record is available for the PACU. MetaVision supports the nursing workflow and simplifies review and delivery of medications planned by the anesthesiologist. By aggregating all relevant data, MetaVision facilitates the discharge process.

iMDsoft offers, for purchase, a library of standardized, locally relevant reports and popular decision support events to enhance clinical workflows and promote the delivery of best practices, protocols, and regulatory requirements. Additionally, iMDsoft offers professional services to users who may require tailored solutions or wish to expand the functionality of MVexpress at their facility.

“I am confident that with our global experience and our extensive knowledge of local markets and regulations, we have created the right out-of-the-box anaesthesia management solution.” said Phyllis Gotlib, CEO of iMDsoft. “MVexpress can be deployed quickly and have an immediate financial, clinical, and operational impact for hospitals and clinics.”


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