Foot Mentor Pro helps stroke patients recover muscular control of foot and ankle

2 December 2009

Kinetic Muscles, Inc., has launched  the Foot Mentor Pro, which helps stoke survivors recover from “foot drop” and regain proper muscular control of the foot and ankle. Proper control of the lower extremity is essential to an efficient gait pattern for walking and for regaining patient independence.

Foot drop is a partial leg paralysis, caused by brain injury from stroke, traumatic brain injury and other conditions, that prevents the foot from lifting and flexing, causing instability and preventing patients from walking. According to the American Heart and Stroke Association, about 36% of stroke survivors suffer lasting impairment of their feet and legs.

Like the Hand Mentor Pro, the Foot Mentor Pro, uses proprietary video game technology at the patient interface in order to enable the cognitive engagement and extended, repetitive practice that have been shown by clinical studies to be critical to the recovery process.

KMI’s robotic technology, along with the proprietary patient interface and data communications module, promotes neuromuscular re-education through the clinically studied Active Repetitive Motion therapy that underlies KMI’s product platform.

The Foot Mentor Pro can be deployed in both the clinic and home settings. The device provides records of patient time spent on the device and progress against established clinical measures, thereby reducing costs by eliminating paper records and facilitating filing for reimbursement.

Dr. Kay Wing, DPT, owner of the SWAN Rehabilitation Clinic in Phoenix, led some of the early focus group studies of the Foot Mentor Pro, and she noted, “I am very encouraged by the early results of our focus group studies that pointed to notable improvements in foot and ankle mobility, along with better muscular control of foot flexion. I look forward to working with KMI to integrate the Foot Mentor Pro™ into our clinical practice for our patients.”


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