Devlin Electronics to launch Medical division at Medica

27 October 2009

Devlin Medical will be launched at the Medica Forum and Exhibition in Dusseldorf from November 18th to the 21st. Devlin Medical is a new division of Devlin Electronics and is dedicated to the development of innovative point-of-care computing solutions.

Devlin have been working within the healthcare sector since signing an exclusive European distribution agreement with, American company, Datalux in 2004. This includes the highly respected IPIX medical grade all-in-one PC & monitor.

“Customisation is vital.” explains Devlin Electronics Managing Director, Martin Baker. “From what we understand of the US market the most of cart deployments are based on standard products. In Europe the thinking is often far more application specific. We see much greater demand for custom alterations and that we are more than happy to undertake.”

It is believed that the launch of Devlin Medical as a division of Devlin Electronics will reap great benefits. Devlin Medical will draw on a dedicated team of engineers and technicians whose sole responsibility will be to create custom mobile computer solutions designed to meet specific user requirements.

“In the years since we started working with Datalux we have created our own range of standard carts, ideally suited to the European market, they can be used for the deployment of all-in-one PCs, laptops, tablet PCs, small form factor PCs and even thin client PCs.

"It has always been our intention to not only offer standard products but to be responsive to user driven custom design. We want our products to fit the way a clinician works rather than a clinician having to alter their working patterns to fit a computer cart. The first question we always ask clients is, great you want a cart for mobile computer access but what else do you need it to do?” Baker explained.


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