3M Drug Delivery Systems expands with new Singapore lab

23 October 2009

3M Drug Delivery Systems has announced the expansion of its capabilities with a new laboratory site at the 3M Singapore facility in Yishun.

The Singapore lab will develop products in both the inhalation and transdermal drug-delivery categories, bringing 3M’s innovative inhalers and patches to pharmaceutical customers and patients in the Asia Pacific region.

The new lab complements 3M Drug Delivery Systems’ already well established global laboratory network, with sites in St. Paul, Minnesota in the US and Loughborough, UK.

“Expanding our presence in Singapore will help us provide Asia Pacific customers with a product development service that has both local and global capabilities,” said Jim Vaughan, Vice President and General Manager, 3M Drug Delivery Systems Division.

“Our team in Singapore understands the region’s regulatory requirements, and is able to quickly respond to customer needs. Additionally, our global laboratory network helps us deliver the outstanding quality the 3M brand is known for.”

The laboratory is Drug Delivery Systems’ first contract research and development facility in the Asia Pacific region dedicated to pharmaceutical product development. The country’s infrastructure makes it an ideal hub for 3M’s Asia Pacific customers and Singapore’s scientific talent pool adds to the site’s appeal.

The Drug Delivery Systems lab is staffed by a team of highly qualified chemists supported by 3M’s global laboratory organization, which has more than 50 years of experience in drug delivery. Products developed by the Singapore lab will be suitable for manufacture in 3M’s global network of manufacturing sites, and will be developed to conform to global standards.

The Singapore facility houses both a feasibility lab and two process development labs. Research conducted at the facility will contribute to 3M Drug Delivery Systems’ growing capabilities and product portfolio, which includes recent innovations in dry powder inhalers, pressurized metered dose inhalers, and microstructured transdermal systems.


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