Linguamatics announces I2E 3.1 text mining tool for pharmaceutical companies

20 October 2009

Linguamatics, a leader in enterprise text mining for the life science and other markets, has announced the availability of I2E 3.1 for unlocking value from the wealth of unstructured text resources available to pharmaceutical companies.

I2E is a high performance natural language processing (NLP)-based text mining platform that streamlines knowledge discovery from text. The new version provides benefits including easy-to-use querying for new users, enhanced integration with enterprise software and text-based resources, out-of-the-box query libraries, and even faster delivery of high quality results.

I2E 3.1 supports efficient real-time enterprise knowledge discovery. A wide spectrum of users can now mine content from more sources and in more formats, including directories and SharePoint folders with mixed document types. I2E 3.1 also provides intelligent answers for an increasing range of domains from R&D to business applications. Support for tailored query deployment for different applications ensures that decision makers have direct and timely access to relevant insights.

“The advances we’ve made with I2E 3.1 reflect the transition we’re seeing in our customer base as text mining moves from a niche application to a core competency,” said David Milward, CTO and Co-founder of Linguamatics. “Increasing numbers of users need the ability to mine text resources to support key project and business decisions — I2E 3.1 can unlock this value enterprise-wide.”

Key enhancements in I2E 3.1 include:

  • Support for enterprise deployment to a wide range of users with high performance querying, query publication via web services and portals, provision of query libraries and integration with collaboration tools.
  •  State-of-the-art NLP-based querying of a greater choice of document types including XML, HTML, plain text, Microsoft Word (doc and docx), PowerPoint (pptx) and PDF. I2E 3.1 also provides automatic updating of MEDLINE data.
  •  The new I2E Chemistry option with substructure and structure similarity search powered by ChemAxon for enhanced chemical text mining.
  •  Powerful results reporting, with results previews, enhanced document rendering with hits in context and the new Results Curator for review, analysis and annotation of results. Flexible hyperlinking from extracted entities to web resources such as gene identifiers, glossaries of biomedical terms, and chemical structure visualization provide further scope for exploring results.


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