Opsonic Therapeutics to develop RAS and mRNA technology from Tripep and Cosmix

1 September 2009

Swedish company Tripep (STO:TPEP) and the German biotech company Cosmix AG have licensed their respective technologies (RAS and mRNA Display Library) to a newly formed US company named Opsonic Therapeuticals Inc. within which Tripep’s RAS technology will be developed.

The RAS technology is based on oligosaccharide linked peptides that can redirect natural antibodies present in all humans to new targets. Cosmix in turn has developed the mRNA Display Library technology by which peptides that bind to a selected target rapidly are identified. Opsonic will use Cosmix technology to identify target-binding peptides and these are then used in RAS peptides aimed for therapeutic use.

Cosmix AG has developed a mRNA Display Library by which ligand binding peptide sequences are rapidly identified. Cosmix has licensed this technology to Opsonic and in return obtained a 20% ownership. Likewise has Tripep licensed to Opsonic an exclusive license to use the RAS technology development of new pharmaceuticals. Tripep in return has also obtained a 20% ownership in Opsonic.

Among the founders of Cosmix are the inventors behind the two technologies Dr Peter Wagner, Prof Matti Sällberg and Prof Anders Vahlne, and the CEO Albert Collinson who has an extensive experience form leading positions in US and European biotech companies.

”This is a perfect marriage between two technologies that rapidly can generate new peptide-based pharmaceuticals that use the unexplored pool of natural antibodies in humans. This is a completely new and effective way to develop the RAS technology into a commercial product”, says Opsonic’s CEO Albert Collinson.

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