Dutch Center for Translational Molecular Medicine completes 265 million funding

17 August 2009

The Dutch Center for Translational Molecular Medicine (CTMM) has announced the successful completion of 265 million funding for translational (bench-to-bedside) medical research. The funding, which was completed with the approval of a prostate cancer research project, makes CTTM one of the largest public-private partnerships in the world. This, CTTM says, positions the Netherlands as one of the world's leading destinations for translational biomedical research.

"The 15 million allocated to this prostate cancer project, which brings the total allocated CTMM funding to 265 million, should enable the project team to make a real difference to the diagnosis and treatment of a disease that counts among the biggest killers of men," said Peter Luijten, CTMM Chief Scientific Officer.

With this final project approval, CTMM has fulfilled the initial objectives of its business plan by establishing public-private research consortia to address the world's most prevalent diseases. The CTMM project portfolio now comprises 18 projects conducting translational molecular medicine research into innovative new techniques for the diagnosis and treatment of cancer, cardiovascular, neurodegenerative and infectious/auto-immune disease.

In total, more than 100 partners from industry and academia are involved in the projects, which are funded on the basis of 25% from industry, 25% from academia and 50% from the Dutch government.

CTMM is a Netherlands-based public-private partnership dedicated to the development of technologies in molecular medicine that enable early diagnosis and personalised treatment for oncology, cardiovascular, neurodegenerative and infectious/auto-immune disease — the four main areas of disease causing mortality and diminished quality of life in the western world. CTMM operates by inviting, assessing and funding multidisciplinary projects that involve active participation by Netherlands-based academia and industry.

CTMM is funded by the Dutch government (50%), academia (25%) and industry (25%). For more information, visit http://www.ctmm.nl

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