Roche NimbleGen introduces the MS 200 Microarray Scanner

15 June 2009

Roche NimbleGen has introduced a new high-resolution scanning instrument, the NimbleGen MS 200 Microarray Scanner. The MS 200 is optimized to reveal the full potential and capture the complete picture from all NimbleGen DNA microarrays.

The product completes the NimbleGen DNA Microarray processing family, comprised of a high-resolution suite of innovative microarray technology products, supplies, equipment, and instrumentation as well as software for data analysis.

The highly sensitive scanner reproducibly acquires two-colour fluorescent array image data down to 2 micron pixel resolution and generates high-quality image files for subsequent data analysis.

To satisfy today’s high-throughput requirements and make high throughput genomics a reality, the MS 200 offers several key features for a completely automated system allowing for walk-away scanning and overnight runs.

These features include a slide magazine for automated loading of up to 48 microarrays (for processing of up to 576 samples in a single run with NimbleGen multiplex arrays), advanced dynamic autofocus for a clear picture of your data, and auto gain for a bright scan every time. Additionally, the high signal-to-noise, internal calibration, an integrated barcode reader, and ozone reduction features ensure high data quality and confidence with every scan.

With the addition of the MS 200 Microarray Scanner, Roche NimbleGen now presents a complete, optimized workflow for NimbleGen DNA microarrays used for comparative genomic hybridization (CGH), Chromatin ImmunoPrecipitation-on-chip (ChIP-chip), DNA methylation, and Gene Expression.

This optimized workflow encompasses high-density NimbleGen arrays, 4-bay and 12-bay hybridization systems, the Microarray Dryer, the MS 200 Microarray Scanner, NimbleScan and SignalMap software, and a comprehensive range of kits and consumables.

According to Roche NimbleGen CEO, Gerd Maass, “With the addition of the MS 200 scanner, Roche NimbleGen now provides a comprehensive set of microarray processing workflow tools that are optimized for all current high-density NimbleGen arrays and will be compatible with tomorrow’s next-generation NimbleGen arrays. The MS 200 provides researchers doing disease-related studies, such as cytogenetics laboratories, with powerful scanning resolution down to 2 micron and high signal to noise for enhanced data quality and confidence in their results every time."

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