Satoris launches three new blood tests for Alzheimer’s research and drug development

5 June 2009

Satoris, Inc., a California-based molecular diagnostics company, announced today the launch of three research-use tests — two panels of plasma biomarkers shown to be significant in the neurodegenerative disease process, and a dementia discrimination panel. Specifically for use by Alzheimer’s researchers and by pharmaceutical companies developing new Alzheimer’s therapies, the panels are available now as a testing service.

“With over 100 potential treatments for Alzheimer’s in various stages of development and clinical trials, biomarkers indicating disease progression or therapeutic effectiveness could assist in the development and validation of novel therapies,” said Cris McReynolds, President and CEO of Satoris.

The utility of Alzheimer-related biomarkers was first reported in the November 2007 issue of the scientific journal Nature Medicine. The two Satoris biomarker panels (Neuro62 Biomarker Panel and Neuro78 Biomarker Panel) detect plasma proteins most likely associated with neurodegeneration and neuroinflammation, and, based on the analysis of 3300 patient samples, have been identified as significant in Alzheimer’s and dementia.

The Satoris Dementia Discrimination Panel comprises 12 protein markers that aid clinical researchers in differentiating between patients suffering from Alzheimer’s and patients suffering from other forms of dementia.

“It is critical to both the design of the clinical trials and to the interpretation of results that the disease status of the patients be known,” said McReynolds. “Objective, accurate discrimination of Alzheimer’s versus other dementia types can have clear clinical and economic benefit for increasing the efficiency of clinical trials by helping researchers select the most appropriate candidates for their studies.”

Based on the well-established multiplex bead-based Luminex® technology, the Satoris Neuro62 and Neuro78 Biomarker Panels are for use with patient plasma or serum. Neuro78 contains an additional 16 biomarkers established in the peer review literature as potentially associated with Alzheimer’s. Test results provide the concentrations of each of the biomarkers present. Satoris also offers a fee-based custom analysis service and analytical tools to help researchers interpret results.

The Satoris Dementia Discrimination Panel uses EDTA plasma. Results show the concentration of the 12 biomarkers present, probable classification (Alzheimer’s or other disease), and a confidence score.

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