Course on nanotechnology and regenerative medicine

1 May 2009

The Institute of Nanotechnology in partnership with Nanomednet and the Cranfield Institute of Technology is holding a one-day course on nanotechnology and regenerative medicine at the Linnean Society, London on 7 May 2009.

The course will show how the ability to manipulate novel materials at the nanoscale combined with advances in cell biology will revolutionize the repair and replacement of tissues and help to address key healthcare challenges of today. It will cover the latest advances in tissue engineering, and cell and gene therapy, nanoscaffolds, cell growth stimulation, controlled vascularization and "advanced therapy medicinal products".

This course is aimed at clinicians interested in learning about novel regenerative medicine treatments, medical researchers, staff involved in innovation and technology transfer, healthcare administrators, regulators and others interested in how new and highly multidisciplinary technologies are converging in this rapidly developing area of medicine.

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