Wolters Kluwer Health launches ProVation Order Sets with decision support

23 April 2009

Wolters Kluwer Health has launched ProVation Order Sets, powered by UpToDate Decision Support, an innovative order set development solution that combines ProVation Medical’s award-winning technology platform with UpToDate’s premier clinical decision support content.

ProVation Order Sets, powered by UpToDate Decision Support, streamlines the delivery of standardized care for improved patient safety, outcomes, clinician performance and regulatory compliance.

“ProVation Order Sets, powered by UpToDate Decision Support, offers a depth and breadth of clinical information that is unmatched in the industry, including direct access to UpToDate’s superior evidence-based topic reviews, the resource of choice for more than 360,000 physicians,” said Arvind Subramanian, President and CEO, Wolters Kluwer Health Clinical Solutions.

“By marrying ProVation Medical’s leading edge technology and intuitive functionality with UpToDate’s world-class medical content, ProVation Order Sets delivers what other order set solutions cannot — guaranteed physician adoption as well as streamlined workflow integration and measurable return on investment.”

An actionable, customizable order set authoring and management solution, ProVation Order Sets enables hospitals to put evidence-based healthcare into practice by establishing and maintaining standards of care.

It helps improve patient care by providing easy access to a comprehensive repository of evidence; reduces costs related to medication errors and increases patient safety through built-in standardization at the point of care; aids implementation of evidence-based practice across medical specialties; and provides a solid return on investment by simplifying the order set review and approval process.

The ProVation Order Sets offers automatic linking to evidence-based content from UpToDate, a clinical decision support tool covering more than 7,700 topics in 14 medical specialties. UpToDate includes more than 79,000 pages of text, graphics, links to Medline abstracts, more than 260,000 references and a drug database. Content is continuously reviewed and updated by physician editors and authors.

“Lack of physician satisfaction and adoption is one of the greatest risks of any clinical IT investment,” said Subramanian. “ProVation products enjoy a 95% clinician adoption rate, and UpToDate is instantly recognized and embraced by hundreds of thousands of physician users.

"We are also adding Nursing Care Plans to support nurses with the actionable evidence they need in their daily workflow and care processes to effectively enhance practice, improve patient safety and demonstrate compliance with credentialing and regulatory standards. Together, these factors ensure high clinician adoption and satisfaction rates for ProVation Order Sets.”

To help facilities achieve the highest possible degree of automation, ProVation Order Sets features vendor-neutral mapping and export capabilities that allow it to be integrated into any facility or vendor EMR in just three steps.

ProVation Order Sets also utilizes Wolters Kluwer Health’s Ovid platform to provide one-click access to all web-based journal information to which a medical facility subscribes. This enables delivery of highly specific content in the context of clinician workflow, whether clinicians are developing order sets or utilizing them at the patient bedside.

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