GE Healthcare introduces Carescape platform for wireless patient monitoring

9 April 2009

GE Healthcare has introduced its new Carescape Telemetry platform, a wireless patient monitoring system for hospitals. Built on GE Carescape Enterprise Access and leveraging GE ApexPro CH Telemetry, it enables hospitals to simultaneously leverage multiple telemetry frequencies and co-ordinate cell phone, Wi-Fi and other wireless technologies on one infrastructure.

It provides integration between ApexPro CH Transmitter, Carescape Enterprise Access, Carescape Telemetry Server, Carescape T14 Transmitter and other components of the ApexPro Telemetry System.

The platform provides dual-band capabilities enabling hospitals to simultaneously leverage the two protected frequency bands — 600 MHz and 1.4 GHz — in Wireless Medical Telemetry Service (WMTS) with a single, central telemetry system.

Hospitals can monitor up to 438 patients while ensuring that critical patient data is sent securely without interference. Hospitals using the ApexPro CH telemetry transmitters have the flexibility to leverage the existing 600 MHz frequency band transmitters and expand into the 1.4 GHz frequency band with the Carescape Telemetry T14 Transmitter on Carescape Enterprise Access.

Powered by MobileAccess and its Wire-it-Once infrastructure, Carescape Enterprise Access unites hospital wireless networks into one infrastructure, helping to eliminate coverage drop-out and downtime. As a hospital’s wireless needs grow, this Wire-it-Once infrastructure can help reduce the costs and infection-control issues associated with installing new cables and antennas.

“At Brigham and Women’s, getting patients ambulating as soon as possible, and safely, is one of the hospital’s core clinical focuses to help improve patient outcomes and potentially reduce lengths of stay. Wireless patient monitoring, enabled with a robust telemetry infrastructure, is a key technology tool that helps us achieve this goal,” said L. Michael Fraai, Director, Biomedical Engineering, Brigham and Women’s Hospital.

“We are providing telemetry coverage and ensuring continuity of patient monitoring anywhere in the facility so that our patients can ambulate faster and clinicians can monitor patient vital signs.”

“Today, as hospitals are treating sicker patients, clinicians want the flexibility to wirelessly monitor a growing number of patients throughout the continuum of care,” said David Ataide, Vice President and General Manager of GE Healthcare Monitoring Solutions and Diagnostic Cardiology. “With the GE Carescape telemetry solution, hospitals can further expand telemetry coverage throughout the hospital, allowing clinicians to monitor more patients and further enhance patient safety.”

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