BioImagene launches new Ki-67 algorithm for prostate image analysis

9 April 2009

BioImagene has launched a new Ki-67 prostate image analysis algorithm. The algorithm, which is part of Virtuoso, its suite of web-based software applications for digital pathology, is used to detect and provide quantitative measurement of the protein biomarker Ki-67.

Research has shown that Ki-67 immunohistochemistry may be a valuable predictor of biochemical relapse and distant metastasis after prostatectomy and radiation therapy.

“The launch of the Ki-67 algorithm that can be used in a research setting illustrates the potential impact digital pathology can have on the practice of medicine,” commented Dr Ajit Singh, CEO BioImagene. “In the coming months, we expect to launch a series of additional algorithms to serve the pathology and research communities.”

The launch of the Ki-67 algorithm adds to the company’s growing offering of image-analysis tools. BioImagene also has a PIN4 algorithm for prostate cancer research, and FDA-cleared algorithms to assess HER2/neu immunohistochemistry status. The iScan Coreo and associated software are used to detect and provide a quantitative measurement of HER2/neu, a protein measured in breast cancer patients to determine their candidacy for treatment with the Genentech drug Herceptin.

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