Genedata strengthens TcLand Expression’s research informatics infrastructure for personalized medicine

8 April 2009

Genedata, a provider of in-silico solutions for pharmaceutical R&D and related life sciences, has announced a collaboration with TcLand Expression, a developer of gene expression biomarkers for autoimmune disorders and transplantation. As part of the collaboration, the Genedata Phylosopher and Expressionist biomarker discovery platforms will be integrated into TcLand Expression’s computational infrastructure.

TcLand Expression is pioneering work in the field of personalized medicine for transplantation and autoimmune diseases. The company is developing gene expression signatures in collaboration with health care professionals and patients worldwide.

The Genedata Expressionist and Phylosopher platforms will serve as a scalable core infrastructure supporting interdisciplinary biomarker identification, validation and mode-of-action studies.

The platform will enable TcLand Expression’s researchers to take a cross-technology approach by using automated workflows and integrated analysis tools to streamline the research workflow, from experimental design through to final results.

“Genedata’s biomarker platform complements perfectly our existing clinical and sample management systems,” commented Alessandra Cervino DPhil, VP Biostatistics and Bioinformatics at Tcland Expression.

“Genedata’s integrated solution combines the flexibility needed in our R&D processes with the automation, traceability and 21 CFR part 11 compliance needed in our clinical studies.”

“Genedata’s integrated solution fits in well with TcLand Expression’s quality commitment to our R&D,” stated Alain Huriez MD, Chairman and CEO of TcLand Expression.

"We are delighted that TcLand Expression, one of the innovators in the area of personalized medicine, has chosen our platform to address their computational requirements,” said Othmar Pfannes, CEO of Genedata. “This collaboration validates our strategy of delivering scalable and flexible research IT infrastructure solutions for biomarker discovery, monitoring and biological interpretation.”

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