Gene Bridges licenses recombineering technology to Daiichi Sankyo

7 April 2009

Heidelberg-based Gene Bridges GmbH, has licenced its Red/ET recombination technology to Daiichi Sankyo Co Ltd of Tokyo, Japan.

The Red/ET recombination technology, patented in Japan under the title 'Novel DNA Cloning Method', is a valued method for generating targeting vectors or modifying E. coli chromosomes.

“We are very pleased to welcome another major Japanese pharmaceutical company as a licensee of Red/ET,” commented Gary Stevens, CEO of Gene Bridges GmbH. “Recombineering is becoming the technology of choice in DNA engineering and with the help of Daiichi Sankyo Co Ltd, we expect to gain further acceptance of Red/ET in industry and academia worldwide.”

Red/ET is a revolutionary method for DNA engineering. Recombineering with Red/ET allows cloning, subcloning, and modification of DNA at any chosen position. It permits precise engineering of DNA molecules of any size, including very large ones such as BACs or the E. coli chromosome.

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